Time for An Assistant? Step 1

So your desk is buried, your inbox is full, and the calendar is unmanageable.  "Wasn't I supposed to send some postcards out last week?"   The checks are great, but managing all the activity is getting to be a bit much.  Maybe it's time for an assistant?

When you reach this point as an agent, celebrate!  But also note that it is time to start working differently.  In order to keep growing, it's not about stretching your self even thinner.  It is about learning to work through others, a whole new skill set.  Consider bringing an assistant on board.  

The big trap is hiring too quickly and without proper planning.  Think you're busy now?  Try adding an assistant that doesn't work well for you. That will raise the stress meter several more points.  Before posting that you're hiring, consider your purpose.  The big question is "What do I want from my assistant?"

There are six key steps to take BEFORE hiring.  Let's review the first step, defining your purpose.

One key purpose may be services.  Because you're stretched thin, your service level has fallen off standard.  You just don't have time to do the the little extras you used to do, the little extras that often lead to referrals.  A service focused assistant is one that elevates your whole client care process. 

Income:  already paddling faster than you ever thought you could?  To reach new heights of check collection, get an assistant to cover lower level tasks so that you can focus on making it rain - lead generation, prospecting, working your network.  Analyze the income you generate from essential tasks, and assign the lower ones to your assistant. 

Time: Kids see you at home and ask, "Who are you?"  Maybe you're spending a bit too much time showing property.  An assistant can help you carve down your total working hours each week, freeing time to invest with your most important people.  

More than likely you want a blend of these three areas.  The critical step is deciding why you will hire an assistant rather than just reacting to your excessive work load.  Key performance measures, after orientation and training period: your assistant should enable you to increase your revenue by a minimum of 33% and decrease your time at work by 20%.  

Next up, defining Key Results. 

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